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STOP your Liver from making you gain weight!!!

Reasons why your liver may be sick: All type of chemical medicine affects and destroys your liver because he puts in all the work to process them and eliminate the toxins. Food: To much animal origin food is highly demanding for your liver. In time, it will lead to a tired liver. Alcohol: One of the biggest enemy! Combined with tobacco, coffee and medicine is the sure way to fatty liver Coffee and store juice: They are again hard to be processed by your liver. In conclusion, every time you eat chemicals or fatty foods, your liver has to work hard to eliminate the toxins. After a while, a fat layer will start to cover it. Then, it’s work will be even more slowed down and a lot of bad stuff will be free to travel in your blood to all your organs. That usually has a slow but sure damaging effect to most of your other organs, intoxicating them and making them sick.

Two years ago I was diagnosed with a fatty liver. At the same time, I was putting all my efforts in losing weight but nothing seemed to work. That’s how I decided to check my health and discovered that my liver was not working properly and it was the cause …

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