STOP your Liver from making you gain weight!!!

Two years ago I was diagnosed with a fatty liver. At the same time, I was putting all my efforts in losing weight but nothing seemed to work. That’s how I decided to check my health and discovered that my liver was not working properly and it was the cause to my weight gain.  


Today, because our unhealthy way of living, our liver is highly damaged. This organ is in charge of filtering all the bad toxins from our blood. It works like a fuel filter does to gas in your car. No matter how much money you put in your vehicle, if you don’t replace the filter, it will still break. No, imagine your entire body is filled with bad toxins only because this organ can’t do its job properly. Furthermore, what is fat tissue If not a deposit of all the bad things we eat.

Reasons why your liver may be sick:

All type of chemical medicine affects and destroys your liver because he puts in all the work to process them and eliminate the toxins.

Food: To much animal origin food is highly demanding for your liver. In time, it will lead to a tired liver.

Alcohol: One of the biggest enemy! Combined with tobacco, coffee and medicine is the sure way to fatty liver

Coffee and store juice: They are again hard to be processed by your liver.

In conclusion, every time you eat chemicals or fatty foods, your liver has to work hard to eliminate the toxins. After a while, a fat layer will start to cover it. Then, it’s work will be even more slowed down and a lot of bad stuff will be free to travel in your blood to all your organs. That usually has a slow but sure damaging effect to most of your other organs, intoxicating them and making them sick.


The first thing you’ll start to notice will be pimples and blackhead or whiteheads.

After a while you’ll start feeling tired all the time and getting up in the morning feels like a nightmare

Soon, you’ll get used to this tiredness and you’ll also gain weight. And trust me, no matter what you do, you’ll keep gaining.

The most dangerous and hidden symptom is other organs getting sick.

In conclusion, if you notice you have many of these problems, go to a doctor and have your liver checked. Daily habits have a negative effect on our liver. The good news is that this organ has a really high capacity of healing, if the patient doesn’t suffer from hepatitis or other illnesses.

Home treatment:

With this home remedy you’ll see improvements in one week but you have to be patient, it will take for about half a year to get to your normal weight. The best part is that it’s won’t come back.

First week:

Diet: Put 3 drops of oregano oil in one tablespoon of water. Stir it in your mouth, with your tongue, for 30 seconds. After you swallow it, inhale 3 times on your mouth. You’ll feel your mouth burning a bit but it will pass in a few seconds. Next prepare a juice made from carrots and green apples. Repeat this 3 times a day and replace your meals with it.

You can drink as much juice as you want. Don’t worry you won’t turn orange because all the carrot juice.

Second week:

When you wish to start eating food again, begin with soups for a day and forget about meat for 2 days. After that you can start eating normally again. Most observe that after this treatment they continue losing weight, about one pound a week, although they eat normally.

The remedy offers your liver time and vitamins to start cleaning itself and that leads to regeneration. After that you’ll start feeling energetic and other illnesses may also disappear. I managed to lose 20 pound in one year and the best part is that now I can eat normally and the weight didn’t come back.


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